Tungsten Carbide

Solid Tungsten Carbide is the longest wearing blade material available for many razor slitting applications.  We have seen it wear up to 75X longer than standard steel blades.  If you need a longer wearing blade, Solid Carbide usually gives you the wear-life you need to increase your productivity.

iiBlades only uses the highest quality Tungsten Carbide to make sure our customers receive the sharpest and longest wearing blades.  Our Carbide Blades are made from material that has a Sub-Micron Grain Structure and has gone through a HIP (Hot Isostatic Press) process to ensure the longest wear and sharpest edges.  Each blade is also inspected under magnification for quality control.


  • Increased productivity due to fewer blade changes
  • Resists nicking
  • Very Hard Material – often wears 50X to 75X longer than            standard steel
  • Sub-Micron Grain Structure
  • Razor Sharp Edges
  • Ideal blade if ceramic blades break
  • High performance and durability
  • Is magnetic

These blades are available in:

Ideal For:

  • All films that require a longer wearing blade.
  • Fast lines with heat build-up
  • Applications where you cannot use Solid Ceramic Blades.
  • Applications that use paper
  • Metallized Films
  • Stretch Films
  • PP
  • PA
  • PVC
  • HDPE
  • PET
  • BOPP

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