Part Numbers

International Industrial Blades keeps in stock blades for most Film, Foil, and Paper Razor Slitting applications.  We carry the Slotted, 3-Hole, and Injector Blades in a variety of materials including Solid Ceramic, Solid Carbide, and Ceramic Coated Steel.

We also sell blades to be used in Synthetic Fiber, Glass Fiber, and Packaging Markets.

If you do not see the blade type or material you want, please contact us.  We may already have it in stock, can suggest alternatives, or can make it for you.  Our Sales Team will be glad to assist you in choosing the right blade for your application.  If you use Razor Slitting in your Film Extrusion or Converting process, we want to help you increase your production by providing you with a better, longer-wearing blade.  Please Contact Us for more information or to ask for a quote.

Here are the most common blades we sell:


Part NumberShapeSubstrate MaterialThicknessCoatingSharpened SidesCorner TypeSpecial Note
IIBSZ015SlottedSolid Zirconia Ceramic.015"n/a 2Square
IIBSZ025SlottedSolid Zirconia Ceramic.025"n/a 2Square
IIBST015SlottedSolid Tungsten Carbide.015"n/a 2Square
IIBSC015SlottedCarbon Steel.015"Ceramic2Square
IIBSC015-RSlottedCarbon Steel.015"Ceramic2Round
IIBTZ0123-HoleSolid Zirconia Ceramic.012"n/a2Square
IIBTT0123-HoleSolid Tungsten Carbide.012"n/a2Square
IIBTC0043-HoleCarbon Steel.004"Ceramic2Square
IIBTC0063-HoleCarbon Steel.006"Ceramic2Square
IIBTC006-R3-HoleCarbon Steel.006"Ceramic2Round
IIBTC0083-HoleCarbon Steel.008"Ceramic2Square
IIBTC008-R3-HoleCarbon Steel.008"Ceramic2Round
IIBTC0123-HoleCarbon Steel.012"Ceramic2Square
IIBIZ010InjectorSolid Zirconia Ceramic.010"n/a1SquareNo Slots
IIBIT010InjectorSolid Tungsten Carbide.010"n/a1SquareNo Slots
IIBSC015-TSlottedCarbon Steel.015"TiN2Square
IIBTC006-T3-HoleCarbon Steel.006"TiN2Square
IIBTC008-T3-HoleCarbon Steel.006"TiN2Square
IIBM4T035Mark 4Solid Tungsten Carbide.035"n/a1Square
IIBM4C035Mark 4Carbon Steel.035"Ceramic1Chamfer
IIBM5T035Mark 5Solid Tungsten Carbide.035"n/a1Square
IIBM5C035Mark 5Carbon Steel.035"Ceramic1Chamfer



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